The Coalition to End Money Bond Calls for a Public Hearing on Pretrial Justice

 Rally to #EndMoneyBail – September 2017

#EndMoneyBail Rally Recap – September 2018


“Together, they formed the Coalition to End Money Bond. In the last year, the Coalition has testified at a Cook County Board hearing on money bail, drafted Principles for Bail Reform in Cook County that have been endorsed by more than 30 organizations, and introduced the most progressive and comprehensive bail reform bill during the 2017 legislative session..” 

“In Chicago and Beyond, Bail Reformers Win Big in the Fight to End Money Bail” – Truthout

“Though it’s called the Coalition to End Money Bond, we work within the framework of criminal justice reform here in Cook County to more broadly end the disproportionate effects that our policies have on poor people and people of color,” said Chirag Badlani, a partner at the law firm Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym and a member of the Coalition. “We think broadly around the way that our system of pretrial detention, pretrial services, and monitoring people in and out of custody affects these communities.” 

“The Battle Against Money Bonds” – South Side Weekly

“We don’t want other families to go through this,” says Irene Romulo, an organizer with the coalition. The coalition convinced the county’s Chief Circuit Court Judge Timothy Evans to order his judges to ensure “the defendant has the present ability to pay the amount necessary to secure his or her release on bail.”” 

“These Community Activists Won Bail Reform. Now They Have to Force Judges to Comply” –  In These Times

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